Adresa : The Glasshouse,
11 Coke Lane, Smithfield,
Dublin 7, Ireland,
Telefon : 00353 15 24 24 20
Webové stránky : http://www.careertrotter.eu
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Looking to Work abroad? Careertrotter has been there and done that! We have made the step of moving abroad and settling in a new environment, making new friends and finding our way around. We have been there and done that and will help you through the same process.

Careertrotter is a no-nonsense recruitment agency specialising in international recruitment. We currently focus on Language recruitment for roles in Customer Services, Sales, Finance, E-commerce, Technical Support in countries like Ireland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, South Africa etc.

Our motto for jobseekers:  You do the Globetrotting, we manage your Career.

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